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My Journey with Food


I'm a passionate foodie. I love to grow food, cook food and eat food. My food career started as a second career after many years working in Manhattan as an Art Director. I worked on set with photographers, stylists and chefs. It was then I realized I needed to attend culinary school.
I did so at night while still working full time and never looked back.

I have interned and gotten to work with many chefs in my various positions. It is a joy to
meet my culinary heros, learn about their careers and eat their food. I love to read about food,
try new recipes and experiment in my kitchen. Transitioning to a career in food is a dream realized, and an extension of being a visual artist.

I eat seasonally and as local as possible, while growing vegetables in a community garden.

Christmas 1968 with my Suzi Homemaker oven.